Portraits are a treasure for everyone. It’s a way of celebrating people and remembering them for generations.

Whether you intend to commission a portrait of yourself, a member of your family or a friend, or on behalf of an organisation such as official portraits or an event such as wedding, anniversary and birthdays; portraits are a wonderful and memorable gift.


Style of Portrait

Portrait artist Mary Osinibi interpretation and observation of a person character arguably produces a much more interesting, mysteries and dimensional record of that person’s existence that will last for generations.

Working in her signature style of paintings built up from multiple layers of applied acrylic paints with a wide variety of hues and shades merged with digital art. Mary's signature style is inspired by the “Fauvism” style which began around 1900 by a group of Modern artists whose works emphasized painterly qualities and strong colour over realistic retained by impressionism. Artist included Henri Matisse, Andre Derain and Kees Van Dongen whose portrait of Mademoiselle Bordenave (1905) is one of Mary’s favourite fauvism styles. 

The Start of the Portrait

Once you have agreed the portrait commission a simple contract will be drawn up between you and the artist, and a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required at the time of ordering. The portrait is now ready to begin. 

Your commission will be created to the highest standard using the finest quality acrylic paints and materials. We are happy to update you with progress shots as your portrait develops. 

Portrait takes about 2 to 3 weeks for completion.

Size and Pricing

Small 11" x 14" - Maximum 1 person portrait - £300

Medium 16" x 20" - Maximum 1 person portrait - £500

Large 18" x 24" - Maximum 2 person portrait - £700

Custom size portraits can fit as many people as you like starting at £800

Framing (optional), shipping, and travel expenses are additional.

Commissions Without Sittings

Please send us your photographs by email.  Also note that commissions can only be undertaken if the original photographs are good quality and high resolution (300dpi).


For pricing, terms and condition or affiliate opportunities please contact Mary.

If you have any questions and would like to meet with the artist Mary please contact her here:

M: +44 7720 566 169
E: portraits@maryosinibi.com


Family,  2017

Family, 2017