Artist Mary Osinib

Artist Mary Osinib

My artwork is a form of storytelling; collecting and exploring social, political and cultural issues. Often referencing Western history, surrealism and minimalism; while my technique explores the varying relationships between fine art and technology.

Having engaged subjects as diverse as the effects of past and present wars, human migrations and colonization, my work visualises this in a form of abstract portraits of real people from the past or present who’s stories we can learn from hence we keep making the same mistake; as well as reproducing and restoring ancient past visuals. 

While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project my methodology is consistent. A harmony of conflicting states is one of many interpretations of my techniques; my signature style of paintings built up from multiple layers of applied acrylic paints with a wide variety of hues and shades often merged with digital art; the combination of media that evokes the notion that not everything is as it appears; it underlines a sense of tension between polar opposites such as past to present, good and evil, right and wrong, subjective and objective.

For instance, my technique of hand drawn illustrations have all been drawn quickly ‘subconsciously.’ My aim here is to tell a story that gives insight into my own unintentional thought-process at that particular moment in time. I see this technique of isolating a creative intention as a re-visioning of the artistic process which allows me to produce honest aesthetic art-work.


Watch Video of artist Mary Osinibi work being critic by contemporary artist and curator Barry Martin.

‘The Aftermath Passage’ solo exhibition 2016

Mary Osinibi is a fine art painter, illustrator and digital artist. She was born in Nigeria in West Africa and attended UAL, receiving a distinction in art and design and UCA a BA in Graphic Design. Her work has been published in the D&AD Student Awards and she is featured and part of Sedition artists, an exclusively online gallery for limited editions of digital art created especially for screens. She has exhibited alongside established artists such as Barry Martin. Her body of work ranges from collaborative projects with charities and organisations such as Migrant Voice, Save The Children to create awareness on issues that affect her local communities and further afield.